On February 4, 2012 our family grew by one very small addition… Lola


An adorable “deer chihuahua”..  So called because of their very long legs.  They are able to get up to about 20 lbs.  She was born December 23, 2011.  My mom got her from some family and decided to give her to us because my boys just loved her and she had so much fun with them.  We have a huge yard and are here a lot more than Mom is home.  Her shirt was a bit too big, but fit her personality famously, on the back written in rhinestones is “Born Fabulous”!

On May 11, 2012 I stayed home sick and it was a good thing.  Lola was no where to be found.. After looking all over our tiny house for her, I found her very sick and hiding under my youngest son’s dresser.  We took her to the vet and found out she had parvo.  If any of you aren’t familiar with this horrible disease, very few dogs live through it.  It is a horrible intestinal disease that usually kills the animal in a not so subtle way.  We were devastated.  The vet sent us home with some meds for her.  I was giving her shots twice a day and she actually turned around fairly quickly.  Our vet was even shocked at her recovery!

We had many people praying for her during her ordeal..  I know, some people think it’s silly to ask God to help animals, but she was part of our family and I wasn’t ready to explain losing her to our 5 yr old son or 3 yr old niece.

She is now completely back to normal, bouncing around like a little wild woman!  She’s got her appetite and fun little personality back.


She truly is our little miracle!  And, as you can see, has grown exponentially in just a few short months!

I will leave you all with this little tidbit of advice..  Please vaccinate your animals!  It definitely is important!