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I am a biology nerd who loves reading just about anything paranormal and some chick lit. I enjoy sunshine and my two Italian greyhounds with my husband. I always write to music, it helps the creative process. Dissolve is my first novel. I have been writing ever since I was in grade school and have finally decided to make a career out of it. More books to come summer 2012 and 2013.
 Dreamwalker (Persephone's League of Immortals)
From Goodreads:  Noel Kennedy lost her boyfriend, her job and he dignity all in one week. Then something happened and she began to dream of this stranger she had never met. She couldn’t resist the man of her dreams named Jared especially when she met him in real life. Entranced, she slowly unraveled a world she was meant to stay out of. Her life was not what she thought it was once a sexy Boone stepped into the mix and shook things up. Can she escape a life of servitude or immortality for a chance at love?
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My Review

This book was a different version of any immortals I’ve read about.
It starts by introducing Noel as she gets dumped by her boyfriend of 3 years, then slips into a depression and loses her job.  She begins to dream of an amazing, sexy man that she soon realizes is real.
We follow Noel as her entire world is turned upside down.  She is not who she believes herself to be, and neither is her best friend.  Noel is suddenly thrust into the dark, magical world that she previously thought of as nonsense.
Dreamwalker was a very refreshing story full of action, romance, and steamy, but tastefully written scenes.  I can’t wait to read the next in the series, I’m just dying to find out who ends up on Noel’s side, and who ends up her foes.. and which side, for sure, is the “right” side to be on!

I give this book 3.5 stars