I am amarried  mom of two boys, ages 12 and 7  (I also have a niece who I claim as mine very often).  I have always loved to read, a trait which I’m proud to say I inherited from my wonderful mom!   I actually just lucked into the blogging world,  opening a blogger account in order to enter a giveaway I saw on twitter.  I figured since I have it, I’d do something with it.  I started with a couple of random posts about my life as a mom/aunt.  Then I started reviewing the many books I read and have branched out from there.

I have also always been a daydreamer, all one has to do is glimpse at the teacher’s notes on my elementary school report cards to see that!  I  recently decided to try and write down some of the stories in my head, hopefully one day I can add writer to my list of titles.

I also LOVE to cook!  While baking isn’t my strong point.  I adore doing dinner type food and have recently started writing my own recipes, inspiring my second blog.  I have just opened this one and I think it will be a mix of everything.  I hope you all enjoy it!

Here is a list of my other two blogs