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Vol. I
When Evie Parker meets Lucas Spencer she begins to feel hope again.  Lately she’s been going through life in a fog and Lucas is all about teaching her how to have fun again.   For the first time since the accident she knows what it means to have fun again.  So who cares if Lucas is a little odd.  It isn’t that strange that she’s never met his parents, or that teachers never seem to notice when he’s late for class. 
Evie tries not to care, but on top of all his peculiar behavior she’s been feeling kind of sick lately–
ever since she met Lucas actually.  When Lucas decides it is time to come clean with all his secrets Evie has to make some hard decisions.

Vol. II
All Evie wants is a little bit of normal in her life– is that really too much to ask?  
Lucas isn’t normal, but he makes her happy. That should count for something.  Evie thinks she can find a balance that will let her be normal and also be with him.  Of course she hadn’t counted on adding his family into the mix, or his ex-girlfriend.  Life with an elf is never boring.

Lucas and Evie were finally at a place where Evie was comfortable with her mix of normal human teenager and fantastical elf boyfriend.  Then she went and got herself crushed by a tree. 
Evie wakes up with a whole lot of extra issues to deal with. Not the least of which is a trip inside the Veil to see Lucas’s home.   She never would have agreed to go if she’d known she was going to have her own secret to hide.

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Independently published
Release Date: May 21, 2012
Goodreads page

 My Review:This book sounded quite good when I read the blurb.  I’ve always love stories of any of the fey.  I was definitely happy to have all 3 volumes at once, so I could just continue reading as if it were one.  
I found the story enthralling and very easy to blaze right through.  I didn’t want to put it down.
We get to know Evie and her sad little world, where she has only one friend.  Losing her parents, moving in with a grandmother she had never met (and whom didn’t want her around) being the new kid in school, she’s had quite a tough year!

Then, she meets Lucas while hiking in the woods.  She immediately starts to notice “odd” things about him, but pushes the feeling to the back of her mind; she’s way too happy with him to even want to know what these oddities could mean. 
Then he comes clean…
So she’s dating an elf, so what, right?  She can still have her “normal”, even with the unbelievable news of their relationship.  
We tag along as Evie comes to terms with her new life and just as things seem to be falling into place, a brand new, and perhaps dangerous, issue becomes quite apparent.
I loved this book, although, it is titled the “complete series”.  I am writing this hoping that is not entirely true..  There is plenty more to the story to be told, Volume III ended with a bit of a “whoa, what’s next” feeling.  I desperately hope to be reading the rest of the story very soon.
I give this book 4 stars!
The Interview
1)  What inspires you to write the stories you write? 
Usually my stories start with a character.  One minute I’ll be doing the dishes or eating dinner and the next minute I’ll be having a nice little mental chat with a new character.  Once I’ve made friends with a new character i can’t not write their story. 
2)  You’re an “Indie author”… now that you have a few books under your belt, do you think you’ll become more commercialized?  
I’ve seen many do this.  Independently publishing my books has really been a life changing experience for me.   Not only have I been able to realize the dream of seeing my imagination come alive in print, but I have met a lot of amazing people and learned a ton about the publishing industry.  I am certainly proud when I look back and see how far I’ve come from that first blinking cursor on a blank computer screen.  
That being said… Being an Indie is HARD!  You aren’t just an author.  You’re also an editor, and a publicist, and a graphic designer, and a publisher, and an accountant, and a legal department.  Phew!  It is exhausting.  Not to mention that, despite the experience I’ve gained, I am still bumbling around with a lot of the particulars.  Traditional authors still have the edge on resources.   
I am very excited to be able to tell you that I have recently signed a deal for representation with Trident Media Group.  Hopefully this relationship will see me safely and successfully changing lanes into the traditionally published world. 
3)  Do you feel a specific connection with any of your characters?  
I wouldn’t say that any of my characters are ever modeled after me.  Honestly I don’t think that would be very interesting.  But I am not ashamed to tell you that some of my best friends are the fictional characters in my books.  Carter from Whispers in the Woods is always around when I’m having a rough day.  He tells me jokes and then I laugh out loud and the people around me all stare and wonder if I’m insane.  It’s awesome.  
4)  Who are some of your favorite authors?  
So many.  So many.  I am currently a huge fan of Jennifer Armentrout she of course writes the Lux series and I am such a fangirl when it comes to Daemon Black.  I very recently finished reading Would be Witch by Kimberly Frost and I believe I have found a new favorite in Frost.  I laughed the whole time and I am simply itching to get my hands on the sequel.  
5)  Have you always wanted to be an author?  
I never really know how to answer that.  Because I have always loved to read and I have always thought that writing books would be an awesome career.  But I didn’t actually think it was a real possibility until last year.  I had recently left my job to stay home with my two awesome kids and I read an article about how easy Amazon made publishing and the rest is history. 
6)  What advise can you give to us aspiring authors? 
Just keep writing.  Ebooks have really opened a ton of windows in the publishing world and that is an awesome place to get your feet wet, but first you need something to publish! 
7)  What’s next for you?  
I am very excited about the sequel to Whispers in the Woods.  You will be able to get Whispers in the Dark in late December.  
8)  Where can we find you?
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