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Amber Garza

When Characters do the Unexpected

An interesting thing happens when I write. My characters escape from the page and run around doing things I never expected. And some characters are more difficult to control than others. In ENGRAVED, Amy was always keeping secrets from me. When I discovered them things would suddenly make sense and all was well, but I didn’t appreciate her hiding vital information. I mean, you would think she would trust me since I created her and everything.

In PROWL, Wesley was the one who toyed with me, but what did I expect? He was a pretty shady guy….

But in ENTICE and UNVEIL there were a couple of decisions that Kenzie made that caused me to get a little annoyed. I had expected her to be a little more level-headed than that.

I start each book with an outline, but my characters usually abandon it by Chapter Two. It should bother me, but honestly it makes things more exciting, for me and for my readers. I’ve now started thinking of my outline as more of a roadmap but I recognize that there are many trails that will lead to the end. My characters are pretty strong-willed so I don’t fight them. I just follow them down whatever rocky path they choose and I find that at the end it was more fun that way!

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