Join us today for a special tour hosted by Virtual Book Tour Cafe.  Please welcome Carl Hose, editor of the anthology Dark Light.  Proceeds from the sales of this book are going to the Ronald Mcdonald House Charities.  Don’t forget to enter to win a Kindle!

Dark Light

Dark Light is the light that shines through when some of the finest writers in horror use the power of their words for something good. That’s the case with this anthology—42 writers coming together to help support the Ronald McDonald House Charities and all the good the organization does for families every day of the year.

Make no mistake, though. These are horror writers and the stories they’ve written are not pretty. Traditional and non-traditional horror, dark humor, ghosts, serial killers, alternate universes, magic, zombies, and other creatures of the night hide between these pages. Shadows move and dead fingers stroke unsuspecting flesh, razor sharp knives shimmer in the moonlight, and unknown things hide in closets and under the bed. The stories here are as varied as the writers themselves. If you’re a fan of horror, you will not be let down.

Despite the horrific nature of these tales, however, their very existence in Dark Light stands as proof there will always be a light at the end of every tunnel.

Turn the lights down low and enjoy the show.

Interview with Carl Hose

1)  Tell us a little about the Dark Light.

“Dark Light” is a horror anthology featuring 42 writers and 44 stories, with all proceeds going
to Ronald McDonald House Charities. I came up with the idea for the book when my daughter
Ireland was born six weeks premature and had to spend time in NICU. My wife Marcee and I
planned to sleep by her night and day, but the NICU staff insisted we get a room at the Ronald
McDonald House. We did. It was an awesome experience that allowed us to be just a block
away from our baby girl, allowing us to feed and hold her around the clock. We couldn’t have
done that without RMH. As much as we wanted to sleep right there beside Ireland, three weeks
of that would have worn us down. The Ronald McDonald House was a place to recharge our
batteries. One night, while I was sitting in our room at RMH, I said to Marcee, “I’m going to
publish an anthology to give back to these guys.” Five minutes later, I said, “I’m calling it Dark
Light. I started contacting writers that night.”

2) Was it difficult to find authors willing to participate in this book?

Not difficult at all. I thought that would be the hard part. I wrote a Facebook message to what I
considered to be a dream team of writers. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was amazing how
fast the responses came back and how eager they all were to get on board. From the biggest
name writer in the book (and there are many) to lesser-known writers, they all wanted to help
me help Ronald McDonald House. Ninety-nine percent of the writers I contacted signed on. In
addition, Darkmarkets posted a call for submission and I picked up some additional writers that
way. I literally got enough submissions to do two volumes of “Dark Light.”

3)  Were you familiar with the Ronald McDonald House Charities before you daughter was born?

I have seen the collection boxes in McDonald’s restaurants, but I never paid much attention. I
guess you get so used to seeing them that you don’t think about what they are there for. I was
sort of familiar with what the houses did, but I sure didn’t realize to what extent. You have to
actually stay in one of the RMH houses to see just how amazing they are. Families get three
meals a day cooked for them, access to a kitchen and food around the clock, family rooms for
different age groups, laundry facilities, everything at no charge. They ask that you do a very
simple chore each day, and I mean simple. If you can leave a donation, fine, if not, that’s fine
too, and you can stay as long as you need to.

4) Ireland is a beautiful, unique name, how did you and your wife come to name your daughter this?

My wife and I have Irish in us and we’re very proud of that heritage. We were thinking of Irish
names and I jokingly said, “Let’s call her Ireland. You can’t get more Irish than that.” Marcee
said, “Ireland . . . I love it.” Her middle name is Joy. Our little Irish joy.

5) How is Ireland doing today? The rest of your family?

Right now she is in the hospital and will be getting out Thursday, July 5 th. She has an infection
from a surgery she had about a week ago. The surgery was something they wanted to do when
she was born, but since it wasn’t anything severe, they decided to wait until she was older. She
has recovered from the surgery but is now dealing with the infection. That’s expected to be
taken care of by the time she leaves the hospital. She’s a little fighter. She was born weighing
less than five pounds and now weighs almost fourteen. She smiles, laughs, makes an assortment
of noises, grabs stuff . . . she’s awesome.

6) Can we expect a Dark Light Volume 2?

I joke all the time about having received enough stories to do a second “Dark Light.” Probably
won’t do a second volume. This anthology was conceived and executed for what I felt was a
very specific need, which it has already begun to accomplish. There are plenty of other charity
anthologies out there that are raising money for specific charities. I never rule anything out,

7) What other works are next for you?

Working on a novel collaboration with William Todd Rose, one of the authors in “Dark Light.”
It’s called “Black Rain” and will be a good story. Also working on a project with Walt Hicks. I’m
excited about both of those. I have a new novel coming out within the next couple of months
called “Evil Resurrection” as well.

8) Tell us where to find you.

My website is I am on Facebook and I like to add friends. There is also a Dark
Light page on Facebook, so anybody who wants to drop by and click like, I appreciate it. You
can check out my Amazon page at I’m on Twitter too. love new
friends on Facebook, so definitely drop by.

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